Top 75 Happiness Blogs and Websites to follow


Greater Good

About Blog – The Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.
Frequency – about 6 posts per week

99,781 37,910 1,072 2

Zen Habits

Davis, CA

About Blog – Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.
Frequency – about 1 post per week

n/a 192,588 37,205 3 249,950 135,093 115,357 4


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

About Blog – For those who want to escape from the hectic and delusion of the day and therefore seek harmony and meaning in their lives. Happinez inspires with quotes, photography, interviews and reports about spirituality, wisdom, health, travel and culture.
Frequency – about 21 posts per week

183,799 27,125 432,230 5 34,852 9,133 98,607 6

No Sidebar


About Blog – A collection of articles on minimalism, simple living, and finding happiness. We want to help you figure out what’s getting in your way, at home and at work. We want to help you let go of distractions, online and off. We want to help you turn down the noise that disrupts the quiet of your heart and mind and soul.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

91,774 2,845 231,427 7

Steven Aitchison – Change your thoughts

About Blog – Change Your Thoughts was created by Steven Aitchison to help millions of people around the world to better themselves in any way they can. A collection of hundreds of personal development articles from psychology, health, relationships, lifestyle, spirituality and business. A must read blog.
Frequency – about 4 posts per week

3,695,903 13,494 101,340 8

Dr Happy

Sydney, Australia

About Blog – Leading expert in happiness & positive psychology. What can happiness do for you? According to this blog, just about anything. Read about what happiness can fix and get smiling!
Frequency – about 6 posts per week

1,335 26,000 25,476,728 9


Brooklyn, NY

About Blog – This is a great blog for everyone who accepts that our happiness and performance is directly linked to our daily habits. Topics range from nutrition, exercise and happiness to meditation and relationships.
Frequency – about 56 posts per week

3,216,199 302,159 9,638 10

Marc and Angel Hack Life

South Florida

About Blog – Practical Tips for Productive Living, self improvement, tips for life and personal development. A popular personal development blog featuring original weekly articles on productivity, lifehacks, inspiration, positive living, social skills, tech tricks, wealth, health and happiness.
Frequency – about 4 posts per month

257,841 59,292 72,082 11

Jack Kornfield

About Blog – Blog by Jack Kornfield. Author, Buddhist Practitioner and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West. As the Buddha teaches…A Generous Heart Is The Source of Happiness. It tears down walls. It connects you to others. May the blessings of all your generosity spread goodness to you and all beings.
Frequency – about 1 post per week

64,601 86,845 370,425 12

The Happiest Blog

About Blog – The number one goal of The Color Run is to produce ‘The Happiest 5k on the Planet’ giving participants an unforgettable experience. With no winners or official times, The Color Run celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality, helping participants achieve their fitness goals by providing a fun, un-intimidating running environment.
Frequency – about 1 post per week

5,758,697 132,055 3,913,784 13

The Life On Purpose Movement

San Francisco, CA

About Blog – I’m Erica. The Life On Purpose Movement, a place for women doing life with intention. I blog about happiness, self-care, simple living & intentional parenting.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month

70,862 589 1,129,518 14 2,563,668 519,025 24,791 15 58,013 383 640,934 16

Happiness | Reddit

San Francisco, CA

About Blog – The world is full of a lot of fear, negativity, and a lot of judgment. We think people could use a place for joy and happiness. Welcome to Happiness.
Frequency – about 7 posts per week

1,158,949 517,667 8 17


New York, NY

About Blog – TED is a global nonprofit dedicated to ideas worth spreading. Our goal is to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation.
Frequency – about 4 posts per week

10,485,319 10,682,144 946 18

Psychology Today – Happiness

New York, NY

About Blog – View the latest from the world of psychology: from behavioral research to practical guidance on relationships, mental health and addiction. Find help from our directory of therapists, psychologists and counselors.
Frequency – about 24 posts per week

7,577,623 533,502 1,913 19


About Blog – Lifehack is the leading source of practical and adaptable knowledge dedicated to improving Health, Happiness, Productivity, Relationships, and more.Everything on Lifehack aims to get readers refreshing ideas to end the bad thoughts and bad habits. We help individuals end negativity, get things done fast, and achieve their goals.
Frequency – about 24 posts per week

1,261,475 110,981 5,779 20

Brain Pickings – An inventory of the meaningful life.

About Blog – Brain Pickings is a record of Maria Popova’s own becoming as a person — intellectually, creatively, spiritually — and an inquiry into how to live and what it means to lead a good life. An inventory of cross-disciplinary interestingness, spanning art, science, design, history, philosophy, and more.
Frequency – about 4 posts per week

4,988,017 180,050 18,189 21 467,846 104,997 70,041 22

Elephant journal

Boulder, Colorado

About Blog – This blog is dedicated to sharing the good word about the Mindful Life beyond the core or choir, to all those who might give a care.
Frequency – about 56 posts per week

1,430,692 99,809 25,612 23 44,992 11,986 97,104 24 291 7,718 99,708 25 201,647 139,606 172,726 26

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine | The Mind Body Spirit Magazine, Evolved.


About Blog – Conscious Lifestyle Magazine’s vision is to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives with greater awareness of themselves and the world around them. We offer a platform for the world’s leading thinkers, philosophers and leaders to share their knowledge, wisdom and passion with a hungry global community who wishes to create a positive now and future.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

41,333 3,128 155,920 27 1,990 7,719 338,766 28 1,698 253 319,218 29

Positively Present

About Blog – Being “positively present” means living in the moment while focusing on the positive in every situation, and that’s exactly what Positively Present strives to help you do. Inspiring others to make the most of every moment.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

1,355 7,044 432,213 30

Goodlife Zen

New Zealand

About Blog – Practical inspiration for a happier life and self improvement. Get a new take on life, find creative ways to make your wildest dreams come true, and become what you aspire to be.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

n/a 38,882 500,871 31 12,950 29,050 554,387 32

Exile Lifestyle

Memphis, TN

About Blog – Colin Wright: Author, Entrepreneur, Full-Time Traveler. I’m an author and international speaker. I host a podcast called Let’s Know Things (for which there is a Patreon) and co-founded a publishing company called Asymmetrical Press.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month

2,758 23,402 563,455 33 45,166 21,134 572,615 34

Evelyn Lim


About Blog – To inspire and coach you in self-love, confidence and belief. To offer you… – inspirational self-love quotes – inspirational short stories, tips and abundance quotes – EFT tapping scripts – positive affirmations – money breakthrough & business success.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month

22,026 3,485 764,897 35 817 2,172 815,594 36

Slow Your Home

Sydney, Australia

About Blog – I’m Brooke and I’m a firm advocate for the best things in life – naps, travel, a good book and a great shiraz. I also believe wholeheartedly in living a slow, intentional, happy life.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

20,103 3,268 897,526 37

Gifts Ready To Go

La Jolla, San Diego

About Blog – We are a privately owned business based in San Diego, California USA with a passion for helping people seek happiness, tranquility and well-being through our selection of gift ideas and products.
Frequency – about 4 posts per month
Since – Nov 2014

5,577 7,206 1,149,113 38

Happy Melly

About Blog – How to be Happy at Work & How to Motivate Employees. Happy Melly is a business that improves the lives of knowledge workers through inspiring books, courseware, conferences, podcasts, workshops, games, and apps.
Frequency – about 4 posts per week
Since – Feb 2013

1,089 7,938 1,058,175 39 n/a 5,369 1,238,844 40

Brave Over Perfect

Bay Area, CA

About Blog – Tools, life coaching, award-winning blog & books. The art & science of living a meaningful life. As seen on Oprah, reviewed by NY Times, Deepak Chopra.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

16,601 7,232 1,249,650 41

SMART Living 365

La Quinta, CA

About Blog – SMART Living 365 is dedicated to exploring ideas and information that lead to a happier, more peaceful, and content life.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

12,287 4,226 1,201,394 42 36,739 1,654 1,313,970 43

Positive Provocations


About Blog – Your first step towards a happy & positive life”, that’s the welcoming message from Zeenat on her blog Positive Provocations. She is a firm believer that love, care and positivity can help you to achieve almost everything.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month

23,465 4,036 1,812,059 44

Happiness India Project

Delhi, India

About Blog – Happiness Science for everyone. Curated articles on Happiness, Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience. We aspire to promote higher levels of happiness in the society. Mission to inspire and promote higher levels of happiness in the society.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month
Since – Aug 2017

2,509 2,641 1,639,424 45

Do What You Love

About Blog – The world would be a better place if more people were doing what they love. Life is more interesting when we open our hearts and minds, we are happier when we discover our passion, and magic happens when we follow our dreams. Do What You Love!

Frequency – about 1 post per week

10,724 5,961 1,337,661 46

Work Happy Now

About Blog – We help people discover and leverage their passions superpowers so they can be happier and more productive in their business/career.
Frequency – about 1 post per month

n/a n/a 1,895,231 47


London, UK

About Blog – Happyologist Susanna Halonen uses positive psychology to help you and your team to bring out your passion so you become your happiest, best performing you.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month

1,973 4,397 1,828,563 48 1,905 718 2,194,524 49

Everyday Bright

About Blog – Having decided to completely overhaul my life in the pursuit of happiness, there were certainly those who wondered “what was she thinking?” Follow this blog to find out and learn how to shine with me. A blog by Jennifer Gresham.
Frequency – about 1 post per month

37,165 3,105 2,725,161 50



About Blog – Shannon Eileen’s inspiration and lifestyle blog on love, music, art, travel, books, food, photos, nature, film, design, retro style…and other things that make her smile.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Dec 2013

4,782 1,107 3,151,127 51 10,716 13,816 5,125,147 52

Lifetime Wishes

Los Angeles, CA

About Blog – Our vision is a happier world through thoughtful and emotionally-intelligent communications and gifts.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

80 13 6,845,142 53 2,414 382 13,833,154 54

The Virtue Blog

Chicago, IL

About Blog – By fostering intensive collaboration between philosophers, religious thinkers, and psychologists, we will investigate whether self-transcendence helps to make ordinary cultivation and exercise of virtue a source of deep happiness and meaning in human life.
Frequency – about 4 posts per week

1,558 413 15,322,858 55 1,742 3,590 8,080,305 56 n/a n/a n/a 57

How to Be Happy

Boston, MA

About Blog – To empower people to know that happiness is within their own hands, and to create more happiness in this world!
Frequency – about 1 post per month

2,371 24 n/a 58

The Snail of Happiness


About Blog – Small steps to a kinder world. I write about all sorts of green issues from the perspective of what an individual can do. Three years down the line I’m trying to make useful items that have some benefit to the environment… but sometimes I get distracted and what I make is simply quirky!
Frequency – about 4 posts per week

67 323 16,098,185 59 n/a 13 n/a 60

Happiness U

Honolulu, HI

About Blog – Our mission is to teach that which was not taught in a traditional classroom about how to live a heart-centered life. We commit to inspire, guide and empower all members with information that will bring forth a more positive outlook and lead to a happier experience of life.
Frequency – about 1 post per week

1,979 369 n/a 61 n/a n/a 15,821,420 62

Happy Any Way

About Blog – We are all about helping women find their happy & spreading the happy around the world through blogs, Happy Hours, & the new Happy Anyway book.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month

1,755 79 n/a 63 72 990 n/a 64

The Sattvic Life

Cochrane, Alberta

About Blog – A Happiness Blog. Breathing into a blissful balance. Learning how to use the ancient teachings of Ayurveda in every day life. Bringing back balance, focus and bliss.
Frequency – about 6 posts per week

767 72 n/a 65

Hey There Happiness

About Blog – Hey There Happiness – Exploring Ideas That Make Us Happy. We’re a not-for-profit organisation with the sole aim of helping to make you, me and the world happier!
Frequency – about 1 post per week

255 2 n/a 66

Soulful Happiness

About Blog – I love what i do! I want to inspire! and I want to make a change not in any small way BUT have a huge bloody impact on people to give them the BELIEF that NO MATTER WHAT, the world has a limit but the galaxy’s limitless.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

n/a n/a n/a 67 n/a n/a n/a

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