Top 75 Anglican Blogs and Websites


The Church of England Newspaper


About Blog – The Church of England Newspaper is the original church newspaper and one of the oldest newspapers in the world, dating back to 1828. It provides the latest news and has established itself as the prime source for news in the Anglican world.
Frequency – about 1 post per week

204 11,907 2,130,068 2

Anglican Mainstream | An information resource for orthodox Anglicans

About Blog – Anglican Mainstream began as part of a united international response of Anglicans from different backgrounds. Our WEBSITE provides a daily digest of articles and news items from around the world helping us to think clearly about our faith and interaction with our culture, especially relating to issues of marriage and sexuality, human identity, and religious freedom.
Frequency – about 56 posts per week
Since – Jan 2003

n/a n/a 3,027,435 3 156,399 112,139 936,668 4

Canterbury Cathedral


About Blog – Canterbury Cathedral is the Mother Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion and seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Cathedral is both a holy place and part of a World Heritage Site. It is the home of a community of people who seek to make the Cathedral a place of welcome, beauty and holiness.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

16,663 7,825 762,980 5 1,821 1,094 671,718 6

Anglican Journal

Toronto, Canada

About Blog – The Anglican Journal is the national newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada. It is published 10 times a year and carries 23 regional newspapers that provide important local information for Anglican dioceses.
Frequency – about 9 posts per week

5,693 9,304 1,985,558 7 173,069 41,981 2 8

Westminster Abbey | YouTube

Westminster, London

About Blog – The Abbey has been the Coronation church since 1066, and the setting for many other great events in the life of the nation. It is the burial place of kings and queens, and of other distinguished figures in the nation’s history, from writers and musicians to politicians and scientists.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – May 2009

168,367 53,442 2 9

Anglican Church League

About Blog – Based in Sydney, Australia, the ACL is an association of evangelical Australian Anglican Christians who desire to maintain the reformed, protestant and evangelical character of the Anglican Church.
Frequency – about 14 posts per week
Since – Dec 2007

n/a n/a 2,962,570 10 n/a n/a 8,489,291 11

Anglican Church of Canada


About Blog – The Anglican Church of Canada has its roots in the Church of England. Archbishop Fred Hiltz, formerly bishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, was elected as 13th Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada in June 2007. He leads the church in discerning and pursuing the mission of God.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

8,908 6,796 455,696 12

AnglicanTV Ministries | YouTube


About Blog – The Mission of AnglicanTV Ministries is, To provide news and commentary important to the 77 million Anglican Christians worldwide; to educate and train church laypersons in video and Internet technology; and to build up the Body of Christ through the creation, distribution, and promotion of multimedia content.
Frequency – about 3 posts per week
Since – May 2006

n/a 1,915 2 13 388 830 87,119 14 2,183 7,842 87,119 15 1,478 3,868 87,119 16

Diocese of Exeter » News

About Blog – The Diocese of Exeter is a network of over 100 mission communities and nearly 500 parishes in cities, towns and rural communities across Devon. We offer support and prayer, worship and friendship, as well as practical help for those in need.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week
Since – Oct 2016

482 3,036 88,409 17

Anglican Diocese of Edmonton


About Blog – Becoming a disciple means doing that work of following Jesus; learning from His life, teaching, sacrifice and love through the witness of scripture, our Anglican tradition and the work of Holy Spirit.
Frequency – about 1 post per month

829 690 88,409 18 1,085 8,883 87,119 19

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester, UK

About Blog – For nearly a thousand years, people have come to seek inspiration in this magnificent Cathedral. From a small Saxon church to a great Cathedral, the long history of this sacred place stretches back over 15 centuries. Keep up to date with all that’s happening in and around the Cathedral – events, services, festivals and news.
Frequency – about 1 post per week
Since – Jul 2010

8,401 10,318 914,450 20

Salisbury Cathedral » News

Salisbury, England

About Blog – Salisbury Cathedral is one of Britain’s finest medieval cathedrals, both living church and internationally renowned heritage attraction. Salisbury Cathedral exists to make real the glory and presence of God in the world.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week
Since – May 2014

11,453 8,704 978,046 21 13,376 5,538 988,794 22

Thinking Anglicans

Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

About Blog – Thinking Anglicans is a website for thoughtful contributions to the proclamation of the gospel message. Here writers reflect on what it means to be a Christian, particularly in Britain today.
Frequency – about 6 posts per week
Since – Aug 2003

n/a 2,910 1,355,495 23

Anglican Pastor | worship, faith, and life


About Blog – The goal of Anglican Pastor is to explain Anglican experience, and provide the Anglican Pastor’s perspective on worship, faith, and life. Writers for this site are active Anglican priests, and the focus and scope of the material is based on experience in the parish.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week
Since – Feb 2011

1,481 2,389 1,391,688 24

Lincoln Cathedral


About Blog – Keep up to date with the life and work at Lincoln Cathedral; including the latest events and fundraising campaigns. Inspiring people in different ways.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month
Since – Nov 2015

15,102 12,969 1,585,591 25 936 491 1,635,825 26

The Church of England Birmingham » News


About Blog – The Birmingham diocese, founded in 1905, is one of 44 dioceses in the Church of England. Following the example of Jesus and strengthened by the Holy Spirit we seek to love God and serve our neighbour through our words, our worship and our work.
Frequency – about 4 posts per week

719 1,578 1,758,100 27 n/a n/a 1,957,496 28

American Anglican Council

Atlanta, GA

About Blog – The American Anglican Council is a network of individuals, parishes, dioceses and ministries who affirm biblical authority and Christian orthodoxy within the Anglican Communion. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the American Anglican Council is to build up and defend Great Commission Anglican churches in North America and worldwide.
Frequency – about 1 post per week

3,007 1,446 2,276,923 29

Macquarie Fields

About Blog – I’m the Rector of Glenquarie Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia. As a Christian, this site is a mixture of my thoughts on life and Jesus, and in particular how those things are worked out in the Anglican Church into which I was ordained in 2008.
Frequency – about 3 posts per week
Since – Oct 2002

n/a 2,108 2,459,094 30

The Cathedral Church of St. James – News

About Blog – St. James Cathedral is both an Anglican parish church ministering to the historic St. Lawrence neighbourhood and a cathedral, making it the spiritual centre of the diocese and a focal point for the civic life of Toronto, one of Canada’s most prominent cultural and financial centres.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Dec 2016

416 n/a 2,873,025 31 730 n/a 2,804,723 32 1,451 3,483 3,196,670 33 n/a n/a 3,517,673 34

Restoration Anglican Church

About Blog – We’re a group of people who worship together, pray together, serve together, and live day-to-day life together. We are a church in the Anglican tradition, and we delight in Anglicanism’s commitment to being biblically grounded, historically rooted, and globally connected.
Frequency – about 4 posts per week
Since – Nov 2011

931 n/a 3,693,635 35

St Paul’s Cathedral

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

About Blog – St Paul’s Cathedral is the seat of the Anglican Primate of Australia and home church for Anglicans in Melbourne and Victoria.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – Aug 2013

3,158 818 4,873,371 36

Bristol Cathedral

Bristol UK

About Blog – Standing in the heart of its vibrant city, Bristol Cathedral is one of England’s great medieval churches. It boasts some of the UK’s most important medieval architecture.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – Jun 2013

1,929 2,683 5,059,958 37 410 n/a 6,063,861 38 729 2,642 7,381,643 39

The Church of England in Parliament

Westminster, London

About Blog – This site is maintained by the Church of England Parliamentary Unit, based in Westminster, London, UK. We support the work of the Church of England in Parliament, including the bishops in the House of Lords (the Lords Spiritual) and the Second Church Estates Commissioner in the House of Commons.
Frequency – about 11 posts per week
Since – May 2012

n/a 6,852 7,391,626 40

Anglicanorum Coetibus Society Blog


About Blog – The Anglicanorum Coetibus Society is the new name for the former Anglican Use Society. The name change reflects our new international focus. Our aim is to foster discussion and debate about Anglican patrimony inside and outside the Catholic Church.
Frequency – about 5 posts per week
Since – Mar 2017

618 n/a 8,288,486 41

Christ Church Cathedral

Montreal, Canada

About Blog – Christ Church Cathedral building, our music, our liturgies—the sacraments, the sermons—are all here to help everyone who comes through the doors to see and feel and know the One God who is—of course—everywhere and at all times God-With-Us: Emmanuel, God who is over all, and through all, and in all.
Frequency – about 6 posts per week

597 121 8,499,343 42

Anglican Alliance

About Blog – The Anglican Alliance for development relief and advocacy brings together the Anglican family of churches and agencies to work for a world free of poverty and injustice, to be a voice for the voiceless, to reconcile those in conflict, and to safeguard the earth.
Frequency – about 1 post per week
Since – Mar 2011

2,326 1,583 13,142,278 43 n/a n/a 15,044,758 44

Saint Augustine’s Anglican Church

Columbus, OH

About Blog – We are a missional church– St. Augustine’s serves as a missionary in the community. St. Augustine’s is Anglican in its design: rich in liturgy, Biblically-based preaching, traditional and contemporary music. We worship with a sense of mystery, contemplation, and majesty as we bring an ancient Christian faith to our world today
Frequency – about 5 posts per week
Since – Feb 2014

249 57 18,421,852 45

St Peter’s Cathedral

Adelaide, South Australia

About Blog – St Peter’s Cathedral is a landmark in the City of Adelaide, an important part of the city’s heritage. However, the Cathedral is much more than a beautiful historic building. It is also the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide and home to a dynamic and inclusive sacramental community, which cherishes excellent liturgy, music and preaching.
Frequency – about 3 posts per week

703 91 19,198,928 46 n/a n/a 19,989,006 47

Young Anglicans Project

About Blog – The Young Anglicans Project is a group of orthodox Anglican leaders with a mission to train, equip, and encourage the church to raise-up the next generation of Anglican Christians and leaders.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Apr 2013

1,019 1000 n/a 48

Anglican Communion | YouTube

About Blog – The Anglican Communion Office serves the Anglican Communion, comprising around 85 million members in 45 member churches in more than 165 countries. Our aim is to share the best online content from around the Anglican/Episcopal world.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month
Since – Jul 2010

6,188 19,356 2 49

York Minster Official | YouTube

York, England

About Blog – A visit to York Minster is your moment in the long history of northern Europe’s greatest gothic cathedral. You’ll see traces of every age from the Roman occupation of York onwards to the future of this working and worshipping church.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Oct 2011

25,640 15,595 2 50

Anglican Internet Church

Mechanicsville, VA

About Blog – The Anglican Internet Church offers traditional Christians an antidote to the rampant anti-Christian sentiment and practices both inside and outside the Church. Through podcasts, videos, books and social media we make theologically-sound teaching the Gospel easiy to access, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – Aug 2014

1,645 38 n/a 51

The North American Anglican

About Blog – The North American Anglican exists to glorify Christ and to serve the people of his Church. We hope to provide a resource and forum for proclaiming and discussing those Evangelical and Catholic truths, which find their home in historic Anglican theology.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Jun 2016

1,309 280 n/a 52

Anglican Down Under

Otautahi, Te Wai Pounamu

About Blog – Welcome to this blog on Anglican, theological, biblical and other matters, mostly missional or liturgical. It is grounded in some islands at the bottom of the world which, together with a large island to our west, constitute fabulous Down Under.
Frequency – about 4 posts per week
Since – Oct 2007

n/a 364 n/a 53 76 25 n/a 54

Gymea Anglican Church


About Blog – Gymea Anglican is a local church in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s south. We aim to trust and obey what God tells us in the Bible and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to live as Jesus taught His followers to live. We want to grow to become more like Jesus , always seeking to serve Him and others with humility and love.
Frequency – about 4 posts per month
Since – Mar 2016

314 65 n/a 55

Anglican Diocese of Owerri

About Blog – A Church which is committed irrevocably to the mission of God’s saving movement in his world. We see ourselves as a Community of Faith in which: Every member is a True believer and Every believer is A true disciple And every disciple A true Witness In the power of the Holy Spirit.
Frequency – about 6 posts per week
Since – Aug 2016

2,132 n/a n/a 56

The Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes

About Blog – The Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes is a member of the Anglican Church in North America. Our mission is to extend the Kingdom of God by so presenting Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit that people everywhere will come to put their trust in God through him, know him as Savior and serve him as Lord in the fellowship of the Church.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – Feb 2014

1,002 n/a n/a 57 n/a 33 n/a 58

St. Paul’s Anglican Church

About Blog – Welcome to St. Paul’s and the Anglican Parish of Hampton.
We have been worshiping God and serving our neighbours along the Kennebecasis River and beyond for more than 200 years. Our mission is growing spirituality and building community through discipleship, worship & service.
Frequency – about 4 posts per month
Since – Jan 2016

175 n/a n/a 59

Another Anglican Blog

Houghton Regis, England

About Blog – Another Anglican Blog is about three simple things, ‘Faith, Theology, and Vocation’ in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England. The blog Also features reflections, sermons, essays, book reviews and other bits about life.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month

72 n/a n/a 60

Skegness Group of Churches » Church of England

Skegness, England

About Blog – Our mission is to be a people centred church pointing to the distinctive Christian hope and striving to offer opportunities for worship, facilitate community activity, and encourage spiritual development; being open in our approach to issues, welcoming of all sections of the community, and active in seeking solutions to need.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Aug 2015

125 48 n/a 61 163 n/a n/a 62

St Aidan’s Anglican Church

About Blog – Greetings, and a very warm welcome to the community of St Aidan’s Anglican Church, Remuera. Built in 1905, for over a century Christians have been gathering here to worship and to work together to serve the local and wider community. We are a community committed to worship, caring and mission.
Frequency – about 1 post per month

422 n/a n/a 63

Wellspring Anglican Church


About Blog – Wellspring Anglican exists to love God, love people, and serve in our community and beyond. Wellspring’s mission is to grow in love of God, grow in love of people in our community, and grow in serving those in need through the transforming love of Jesus Christ.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Jun 2017

21 n/a n/a 64

The Continuum

About Blog – A place where those who live in the Anglican continuum, or who are thinking of moving there, might share in robust, if polite, discussion of matters Theological and Ecclesiological.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week
Since – Nov 2005

n/a n/a n/a 65

Anglican Music

About Blog – A discussion of Anglican hymnody, chants and other service music in the broader context of liturgical Christian music. Also includes a broader consideration of Anglo-Catholic liturgy and the associated church (re)organization of the American Continuing Anglican movement.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – Mar 2007

n/a n/a n/a 66 n/a n/a n/a 67

St. Barnabas Anglican Church


About Blog – The parish of St. Barnabas serves people in the Upper Ottawa Valley. We strive to be a community of faith that meets and celebrates God in our worship, and experiences God’s love as we share the gift of life with each other and our neighbours.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – May 2011

n/a n/a n/a

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