Top 60 Jazz Youtube Channels for Jazz Enthusiasts




About Channel – JazznBlues Experience is your channel for all the best jazz and blues music! Find your favorite songs and artists and experience the best of jazz music and blues music.
Frequency – about 9 videos per week
Since – Nov 2011

757,705 307,677,552 3,696 2 22,078 11,783,369 14,409 3

Jazz Tutorial

United States

About Channel – Welcome to Jazz Tutorial – where I teach you how to stop sound bland, watered down, and the same as every other musician. My YouTube channel is dedicated to giving you clear explanations of how harmony works.

Frequency – about 1 video per week
Since – Jul 2010

148,551 8,778,556 145 4

Jazz Video Guy

About Channel – A graduate of NYU Film School, Bret Primack started making documentary shorts in the mid-70s and continues today with his work on YouTube. Also an Internet pioneer, he produced the first major Jazz website in 1994 and video podcasts live from clubs and music festivals in the late 90s.
Frequency – about 5 videos per week
Since – Mar 2006

64,319 26,056,290 1,742 5

Jazz at Lincoln Center’s JAZZ ACADEMY

New York, NY

About Channel – The Jazz Academy YouTube Channel is the media library of educational videos produced by Jazz at Lincoln Center. Jazz at Lincoln Center’s (JALC) jazz education programs drive our organization’s efforts to advance the appreciation, understanding, and performance of jazz.
Frequency – about 1 video per week
Since – Dec 2013

80,417 6,682,040 337 6



About Channel – Established in 2005, Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival has not only become Indonesia’s finest jazz festival, but also one of the most prestigious and largest in the world.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Aug 2007

160,045 50,377,878 389 7

Jazz Everyday!


About Channel – Welcome to Jazz Everyday! the world reference channel for jazz lovers! Every week, (re)discover all the legendary songs that made Jazz History, and check out the finest of today’s jazz.
Frequency – about 4 videos per month
Since – Feb 2016

15,690 5,092,482 16,579 8 59,849 7,170,685 10 9

Jazz Duets

United Kingdom

About Channel – My hope with this channel is to share some of the ideas about music, teaching and life that I have picked up and formed especially since living in the semi- wilderness!
Frequency – about 1 video per week
Since – Sep 2012

29,718 1,211,739 159 10



About Channel – Stringspace String Quartet & Jazz Band Booking Agency – Stylish, contemporary string quartets, symphony orchestras & jazz bands for events, recordings, concerts, weddings & TV/film. Stringspace musicians include scholarship and award-winning graduates who have performed in Australia’s highest profile orchestras & with our most respected dance & theatre companies.
Frequency – about 3 videos per month
Since – Dec 2011

58,460 16,611,989 224 11 47,204 3,360,635 63 12 45,366 9,946,073 187 13


About Channel – I am a (retired) teacher having taught in a jazz studies course at a tertiary college in Geelong Australia. My primary interest is to provide as much information as I can to intermediate – advanced jazz piano students. Usually straight after recording, I add the comments that try to explain some of the melodic/harmonic ideas that I used.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Aug 2006

41,773 16,982,944 437 14 35,522 9,831,303 53 15 33,233 3,335,349 227 16

Jazz at Lincoln Center

New York, NY

About Channel – From our first downbeat as a summer concert series at Lincoln Center in 1987, to the fully orchestrated achievement of opening the world’s first venue designed specifically for jazz in 2004, we have celebrated this music and these landmarks with an ever-growing audience of jazz fans from around the world.
Frequency – about 2 videos per week
Since – Dec 2008

31,609 2,792,922 298 17

Gypsy Jazz Secrets

About Channel – Explore The World Of Gypsy Jazz With Live Performances, Cutting Edge Lessons, And Exclusive Music And Interviews. Gypsy Jazz Secrets Magazine is a digital-only, monthly magazine featuring gypsy jazz articles and interviews with guitarists from around the world, as well as guitar lessons and performances.
Frequency – about 2 videos per week
Since – Mar 2014

23,929 1,844,225 145 18 23,960 5,522,909 42 19 20,096 4,833,002 126 20 17,429 1,507,032 83 21

Only Jazz and Blues

United States

About Channel – The Only Jazz and Blues is the most complete channel specialized in jazz music. We have an extensive content of jazz music videos accessed worldwide. Our main objective is to disseminate jazz music for all people, easy, simple and practical way, through the internet.
Frequency – about 4 videos per week
Since – Sep 2014

16,724 5,160,116 532 22

Jazz guitar licks


About Channel – As the name states, this is a place that publishes an abundance of great lessons, videos, licks, ebooks and offers all kinds of accompanying media. Jazz Guitar Licks is definitely one of the better sources of Jazz guitar knowledge online.
Frequency – about 2 videos per month
Since – Apr 2014

14,022 1,159,262 117 23 10,321 7,015,221 191 24


Antwerp (Belgium)

About Channel – The Jazz Guitar Online Channel brings a lot of traditional lessons combined with neat little tutorials and much more. You will find some pretty detailed lessons that are specific to certain guitar players and genres of Jazz.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Apr 2007

9,738 1,470,154 24 25

Music for All

About Channel – As one of the nation’s largest and most influential organizations in support of music education and music-making, Music for All is perfectly positioned to provide the exciting and positively life-changing performance opportunities and camps for jazz students and teachers.
Frequency – about 4 videos per week
Since – Mar 2007

8,946 4,181,590 999 26 8,294 3,634,936 295 27

Montreux Jazz Festival


About Channel – Founded in 1967 by Claude Nobs, the Montreux Jazz Festival has become one of the world’s most important cultural events, with 250,000 visitors annually. Jazz music may have constituted the Festival’s historic roots, but other musical styles quickly found their place within the Festival, sharing a common bond of musical curiosity, the blending of genres.
Frequency – about 5 videos per week
Since – Jan 2009

8,232 1,926,078 709 28 6,890 1,469,188 171 29

Hitman Jazz


About Channel – A jazz record company in Thailand, focusing on high quality jazz and all kind of jazz-related music, and has also arranged concerts e.g. since 2005.
Frequency – about 1 video per week
Since – Feb 2012

6,071 1,485,485 279 30

The Jazz Guitar Channel

About Channel – Welcome to The Jazz Guitar Channel, home of The The Jazz Guitarists Signature Series. This series consists of short video lessons that explore the styles of the most influential guitarists throughout the history of Jazz.
Frequency – about 3 videos per month
Since – Dec 2013

6,039 604,136 150 31 – Learning Freedom (Online Jazz Piano Courses)

About Channel – Jazz Piano School is dedicated to being the worlds leading resource for jazz piano education. I am on a mission to provide the most up to date, cutting edge information, interviews, lessons, transcriptions, you name it, all on jazz piano. I will be providing free lessons, licks, and live performances on this youtube channel for everyone to watch and enjoy!
Frequency – about 3 videos per month
Since – Feb 2014

5,822 365,206 199 32

The Jazz Musicians Voice

United States

About Channel – Welcome to the ultimate source for performances, interviews, and other videos of significance to the world of jazz. Check out masters and legends of this music such as Ron Carter, Mulgrew Miller, Russel Malone, Benny Green, Ari Hoenig, Harold Mabern, Bill Lee, David Binney, Phil Schaap, David Demsey, David Gilmore, Spike Wilner, and many others.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Apr 2011

5,060 1,278,754 143 33

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

New Orleans, LA

About Channel – Preservation Hall Jazz Band and its music continue to evolve as they embrace tradition and history while inspiring a new generation. Preservation Hall Jazz Band and My Morning Jacket first met a few years ago and also performed together on tour and in New Orleans.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Dec 2006

4,731 1,625,312 60 34

Jazz FM

United Kingdom

About Channel – The world’s greatest jazz, blues and soul from the world’s greatest artists. Listen in colour at, on our app, Sky 0202, Freesat 729 and DAB.
Frequency – about 28 videos per week
Since – Sep 2009

4,497 934,443 291 35 4,147 1,458,361 166 36

NPO Soul & Jazz


About Channel – NPO Soul & Jazz is the public radio station for soul and jazz. Started as NPO Radio 6 and since January 1, 2016 under the name NPO Soul & Jazz to hear on cable, DAB , online and on your mobile. 24 hours a day the best soul and jazz music and everything in between.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Jun 2009

3,771 2,595,411 1,209 37


About Channel – All those who have followed the activities of the firm of harmonia mundi over the past fifty-four years know that our passion for jazz has long exceeded the framework of mere distribution and has been nourished within our ‘house’ labels.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Nov 2011

3,610 1,356,723 99 38

Jarasum Jazz

About Channel – Jarasum International Jazz Festival, held on the beautiful Island in Gapyeong, celebrated its 11th edition in 2014. The 12th Jarasum International Jazz Festival will be on 9-11 October 2015, consisted of more than 10 stages throughout the picturesque surroundings.
Frequency – about 1 video per week
Since – Apr 2011

3,239 1,233,063 328 39

North Sea Jazz Festival

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

About Channel – North Sea Jazz est. 1976, is the place where the past, present and future of jazz can be enjoyed within three days. The multitude of musical styles being played ensures everybody finding something to their taste.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Oct 2006

3,049 1,188,359 27 40

jazz refreshed

About Channel – The jazz re:freshed movement was built around its weekly live residency in the heart of West London, covering the whole spectrum of jazz and jazz-influenced music – from dance oriented jazz to the various cultural interpretations: jazz fusion to brokenbeated jazz, be bop to hip hop, avante garde to Latin jazz, Afro jazz to jazz funk, jazz rock to nu soul and everywhere in-between.

Frequency – about 3 videos per month
Since – Apr 2016

2,971 545,678 205 41

Wolf Jazz Academy


About Channel – I am Matt Wolf and the Founder of the Wolf Jazz Academy. Our missions is to introduce your to the best jazz players on the planet and accelerate your musical progress!
Frequency – about 2 videos per month
Since – Jul 2009

2,940 1,481,182 99 42

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

About Channel – The world’s biggest festival featuring the best of jazz and its musical cousins! 2 million visitors, 3,000 performers, 30 countries, 20 internships, and over 600 shows, of which two-thirds are free. The most important festival on the planet, the cream of jazz and its cousin music!
Frequency – about 4 videos per month
Since – Feb 2008

2,755 1,713,572 1,947 43 2,551 670,202 363 44 2,208 561,703 229 45

Jazz Lag

About Channel – Their show is an intense musical journey around the world, between kisses at midnight, kindness of other times and everyday life.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Apr 2011

2,146 533,573 17 46

Millennium Jazz Music


About Channel – Millennium Jazz Music is an independent label and service provider based in London and home to talent from various parts of the globe. MJM was formed by Gadget in 2003 with the main focus of providing production and sound engineering for up and coming artists and producers, as well as providing workshops for young people.
Frequency – about 2 videos per month
Since – Apr 2013

1,851 82,456 105 47

Singapore International Jazz Festival


About Channel – There is an important social and development element to SING JAZZ with proceeds from the Festival going towards the Foundation for Arts and Social Enterprise which provides funding to help nuture and promote nascent local jazz talents through the Jazz Academy.
Frequency – about 2 videos per month
Since – Jan 2014

1,812 946,526 76 48

Study Gypsy Jazz

About Channel – Learn to play gypsy jazz guitar online with our high quality video courses. Each course is comprised of a series of video lessons and comes with PDF downloads of relevant lesson material.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Sep 2014

1,655 475,698 71 49 1,213 71,619 55 50


About Channel – This site was created to help promote the art of Jazz, Musicians and Culture in the Greater Los Angeles area. New videos of performances recorded live at The JCLA Studio are updated often.
Frequency – about 3 videos per month
Since – Jul 2014

1,210 184,445 154 51

Jazz Time with Jarvis X

About Channel – This channel is my attempt to share my love of the beautiful art known as jazz music. I want to create a museum of it, at least the stuff in my brain, if you will. I also would love to be able to create a forum here where I, and other jazz-enthusiasts, can come together and learn from each other.
Frequency – about 11 videos per week
Since – Jun 2017

973 274,255 303 52 961 328,212 172 53 944 375,078 1,186 54

Freedom jazz


About Channel – To date Freedom-jazz is the sole European jazz band which consists of girls only. The unique band includes 10 members among which: trio of vocalists, group of saxophones, guitarist, bassist, drummer, trumpeters and keyboardist.
Frequency – about 1 video per month
Since – Aug 2012

853 293,973 56 55

EFG London Jazz Festival


About Channel – The EFG London Jazz Festival takes place each November, with a host of world-class artists and homegrown emerging stars, packed into back-to-back concerts across the capital.
Frequency – about 3 videos per week
Since – Aug 2009

754 154,146 120 56

Luca’s Jazz Corner

About Channel – Jazz is a true passion of mine and thanks to Cavatappo, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many fantastic musicians and enjoy their music. So, I’m delighted to showcase the music I love – come and enjoy our great venue and our great roster of artists.
Frequency – about 2 videos per week
Since – May 2016

352 61,678 206 57

Fano Jazz Network


About Channel – Fano Jazz Network, one of the founders of the Marche Jazz Network, has organized since 1993 the international festival “Fano Jazz By The Sea”, an initiative supported by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Fano and other institutions.
Frequency – about 3 videos per month
Since – Apr 2012

317 137,550 113 58 211 108,650 53 59 n/a 1,119,653 845

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