Top 25 Seychelles Blogs and Websites

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Seychelles Diary


About Blog – Seychelles diary is a platform managed by the Seychelles Tourism Board which allows readers and potential visitors to Seychelles to discover a wide range of activities, attractions, tourism products and services and to learn more about them via a series of articles.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – Jan 2017

328,417 10,761 n/a 3

Mason’s Travel

Seychelles, Mahe

About Blog – Mason’s Travel is a leading Travel, tourism and destination company in Seychelles. We plan the most amazing island getaways, seychelles weddings, seychelles fishing, seychelles diving, seychelles adventure, seychelles accommodation. Mason’s Travel Blog is the best resource for Seychelles tourism information, Seychelles tourism industry news and seychelles travel news.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – Jan 2000

14,127 897 6,413,333 4

North Island, Seychelles


About Blog – North Island is a luxury private island resort, in the heart of Seychelles. The setting and natural beauty of Seychelles has inspired our island conservation practices and philosophies, and has also influenced the design of our guest spaces. Learn about our exclusive destination, bespoke service and generous experience.
Frequency – about 4 posts per month
Since – Mar 2015

13,307 68 1,385,410 5 646 29 5,249,847 6


About Blog – The official blog of Takamaka Rum, brings you all there is to know about the Seychelles and Takamaka Rum. What to do in the Seychelles? Drink Takamaka Rum.
Frequency – about 3 posts per month
Since – Oct 2016

13,187 n/a n/a 7

Alphonse Fishing Company


About Blog – Alphonse Fishing Company – AFC – The Seychelles has long enjoyed a reputation of being among the best salt water fly fishing grounds in the world. Our mission is to provide guests with unforgettable fly fishing experiences by creating fishing itineraries best suited to their needs and own unique fishing styles.
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – Oct 2015

15,356 731 1,699,885 8 1,149,886 510,904 8 9 8,402 2,673 83,126 10

Air Seychelles


About Blog – The Official Airline of the Seychelles. Our Vision To be a profitable, high quality Airline Our Mission Delivering to our guests, quality service with unique Creole Warmth Our Values Honesty Team Spirit Positive Attitude Respect Caring.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week
Since – Jan 2017

78,541 3,898 363,663 11

Nature Seychelles

Seychelles, Mahe

About Blog – Nature Seychelles is a leading environmental organisation in the Western Indian Ocean. It is the largest and oldest environment NGO in the Seychelles archipelago, where it is involved in environmental conservation and management.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Aug 2004

4,108 2,285 2,889,169 12

Seychelles Mama

Praslin, Seychelles

About Blog – Brit Expat living in the Seychelles. Mama to two island babies, Arthur and Freddie. Wife to Mark! Family and lifestyle blogger with a tropical Island twist!
Frequency – about 3 posts per month
Since – Jan 2014

n/a 2,629 6,519,284 13 n/a n/a 8,192,667 14

Island Conservation Society



About Blog – The Society promotes the conservation and restoration of island ecosystems, sustainable development of islands, and awareness of their vulnerability and vital importance to the planet’s biodiversity.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Jun 2016

1,526 210 n/a 15 1,107 n/a n/a 16 n/a n/a n/a 17

Wander Our Way

About Blog – Living across the world on a paradise island. Life after moving to the Seychelles! Wander Our Way is a place where I can share our stories and photos, giving you a insight into our island life. I hope it gives you a glimpse of our day to day activities, the good, the bad and sometimes just strange!
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – Sep 2016

n/a n/a n/a 18

Free Seychelles Now!

About Blog – A community of decent freedom loving Seychellois,determined to see Seychelles FREE from the clutches of failure, corruption, and lack of respect of Democracy and fundamental human rights. A spin off of the anti Communist league who believe in Sesel Pou Seselwa.
Frequency – about 1 post per week
Since – Nov 2014

n/a n/a n/a 19

Seychelles Terrapins and Turtles

About Blog – Wildlife Vets International are supporting the development of the Turtle and Terrapin Rehabilitation Facility. They are including our project in their wildlife vet development project in Seychelles and Mauritius which was mainly focused on birds so expanding to turtles and terrapins is a good move!
Frequency – about 2 posts per month
Since – Dec 2014

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Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove Project

About Blog – A partnership between the NGO Marine Conservation Society Seychelles and Le Méridien Fisherman’s Cove hotel aiming to provide guided snorkeling trails to guests, raise their awareness about the conservation of coral reef ecosystems and restore the coral reefs.
Frequency – about 1 post per month
Since – May 2017

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